środa, 20 lipca 2011


I'm back from my trip to Prague. I spent there just few days but I really love it.
It's such a beautiful city, the Old Town is so amazing and so huge, it's visited by milions of tourists, but it's not crowded at all. You can feel this wonderful atmosphere of intimacy.
And the most important thing is that by accident I went to see an amazing exhibition of Salvador Dali and Alfons Mucha who is one of my favourite artists.
I post some of my pictures, enjoy <3

sobota, 9 lipca 2011

healthy is sexy.

As you know I have now my summer break and everytime I have nothing serious to do I come up with awesome idea. Since today I'm going to change my life and I'm starting with changing my body.
I'm not telling that since now I'm not going to eat anything just to look like one of those skinny models from catwalks. I just want to look good and feel good about my body. I'm tired of people who say that trying to lose weight is wrong because you can get anorexia and die. Why everyone keeps saying that curvy is sexy?

Have you seen this photoshoot by Steven Meisel published in Italian Vogue (June)? He's an amazing artist and I'm absolutely in love with his pictures, but I think this session would look a way better if his models were slimmer. I don't say that sic, anorectic girls from fashion magazines are good role models for teenagers like me and my friends, but I think it shouldn't be women who are obese neither.
I think that we should stop fighting if being thin is more dangerous than being fat, because both of this sicknesses are serious and may cause death.
Love yourself and take care about your body!

Now we should try to promote being healthy. I'm trying. I resigned from eating fast food and sweets. I started to eat a lot of fresh, organic food, tones of fruit and vegetables, and I askd Gwyn to start jogging with me everyday. Each day we run something about 9 kilometers.
(Actually we mostly walk, but some day we will run the whole distance.)
Wish us perseverance <3

niedziela, 3 lipca 2011


I think it's time to post something here, because lately we've been very lazy and you've almost forgotten about us!
There are some pictures I did some time ago. I'm not sure what kind of massage were they suppose to contain, whatever... They remind me of autumn.
I'm not in summer mood at all. It's raining outside (I mean RAINING and it's actually impossible to go out) and it's really cold. I'm so bored!
And Carolca is now having fun in London and we miss her so much. I was going to go there with her, but my parents changed their mind and decided not to let me have my dream vacation in Great Britain <3
Well nevermind...
Coś mi się wydaje, że nadszedł czas na to żeby przemóc lenistwo i przypomnieć wam o naszym istnieniu!
Macie tu kilka zdjęć, które zrobiłam już jakiś czas temu. Nie jestem pewna, jakie przesłanie miały zawierać, ale to chyba nie istotne... Bardzo kojarzą mi się z jesienią.
W ogóle nie czuję tego, że lato jest w pełni. Na zewnątrz strasznie pada i jest zimno. Tak strasznie mi się nudzi!
A Carolca właśnie dobrze bawi się w Londynie i gdyby nie to, że moi rodzice nagle się rozmyślili też spacerowałabym sobie właśnie po Oxford street <3

in these pictures:
my beloved floral shirt from STRADIVADIUS
vintage jewelery
old old old Canon FT (on tuesday I'm taking it from repair service, be prepared for photographic revolution!)
old old old book about birds (when I was little girl I used to lern drawing from this book)
notebook with my favourite quotes (most of them are from Oscar Wilde's books)