niedziela, 27 lutego 2011

Chasing Oscar!

It's today! Today lots of stars are going to walk through the red carpet. Women in beautifull dresses, Men in elegant suits. Maybe even this year they won't get wet. Every year this day the whole Hollywood is dying in anticipation. Who of us will win? Who gets the Oscar?

Everyone has favourite movies and actors. It didn't suprise me when I saw the list of nominations. The Social Network, Black Swan, Inception or The King's Speech are the films wich I saw this year and they make an impessed me. But the men who stole my heart is Darren Aronofsky. Black Swan . In a long time, I didn't like any film as much as this one. History of balerina is frightening, sad and mad. It's perfect and very intresting.

Natalie Portman is my master! It will be odd if this film or this actress don't win! What I like in Black Swan? Actually everything. Starting with the script, acting ending on music, costumes and photos. It definitely should be reward in the category Cinematography, because watching this film was a great pleasure.

So best actor for me is Colin Firth, and the best actress in a supporting role Helena Bohnam Carter. In my opinion the best costumes had Alice in Wonderland and visual effects are very impressive in Harry Potter.

What do you think? Who will win?

sobota, 26 lutego 2011


Hi guys, sorry for being so cheeky at the beginning, but we would like to write something about blogs we like. We hope you don't mind <3

Firstly we woud like to introduce our favourite blogger The Cherry Blossom Girl.

What I love the most about her blog are the pictures. They are so beautiful, soft and gentle. And I think I'm kind of addicted to watching them. Everyday I check if there are some more of them and if there aren't I keep watching her older posts.
The second reason to love her is her style. Her clothes are allways so feminin and classic.
And her accessories…ah!
If only she could be my older sister who would let me into her closet!
The only one thing I don’t like about her blog is the thing that I’m so jealous becouse I would never afford to buy anything she wears.
I hope she doesn’t mind me using some of her pictures. More of them you can find >>here<< on her blog.

Madame Julietta is our polish friend from Warsaw. She has written on her blog for two years. And I  check it really often.
The best part of her website are definitely her clothes. Persolnally I love her stylizations. She isn't boring at all and she is a great inspiration for me. By the way she photographs herself in an interesting way, it's so nice to look at her pictures.
I think making short films from travels or events is good and fresh idea. Honestly, as a photographer, I don't like fotomix, of course Julietta chooses beautiful photos, but it isn't very intresting or original. But it's normal on fashion blogs so I should become accustomed.
We can say, that she makes a career. Journalists write about MAFFASHION in newspapers and on internet. She has lots of funs and probably many envious enemies. It isn't strange in our country-.-
Now you can help her in getting Fashion Oscar here.

MADAME JULIETTA - highly recommend.

For about a year I've been following Louise Ebel on 
Noticing her isn't difficult because her photos often appear on homepage. Not so long ago I read her blog and i fell in love! I clicked on and I saw link to Runaways - Dead and Justice. 
So it was very good start <3
Louise reminds me of modern Audrey Hepburn! She is my queen of dresses and jackets! Her style is soft and classic, simultaneously original and fresh! I don't like her clothes or accessories really rarely. She perfectly fits to my taste. I liked it year ago and I like it now!
PANDORA has great photos in amazing places. Reading her blog is pure pleasure!

My favourite pictures of Louise:

The next blog we're going to talk about is ALICEPOINT.
I found her website a long time ago in a fashion magazin (I'm not sure, but I think it was in Viva Moda?) According to me she's one of the best polish fashion bloggers. Her style is much different then bloggers we told you about earlier. 
She's not the girly girl who wears pink dresses and flowers in her hair. 
Alice wears hevy boots and wedges, ripped denim shorts, skinny leggins and t-shirts.
We love her rock and roll, rebelious (?) style!
Well and I think she also deserves getting Polish Fashion Oscar so vote for her!  >>here<<

with love Zofia and Carolca

piątek, 25 lutego 2011



Welcome on our blog. Here We are going to talk about topics connected with our greatest interests.
"Ladies in furs" is going to be about FASHION MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHY FILM LITERATURE
and about all of our passions.
We hope you will enjoy our work and follow our posts.
This is going to be a place for people who love art and good fun.
So let's play dictators of taste!

                                Pulling out McQueen.
Yours Ladies in furs.